Marriage is a Team Sport

When you look up the word team, this definition may pop up: persons associated in some joint action.

We can learn some lessons and gain insight in ways a marriage should function by watching sports such as football or basketball.  First, when the team wins, everyone associated wins and if they lose, everyone on the team loses.  Second, when things are not going well, the team calls a timeout to regroup.  Third, the team follows the plays outlined in the playbook. 

So you may be asking “What does this have to do with marriage and what insights can be learned?”  

 When it comes to marriage, playing like a team looks something like this:

~When you said “I do” you embarked on a joint adventure for a lifetime.

~You have to learn to work together in order to get things accomplished, you work as a unit.

~You are not in competition with one another, when one wins the other wins.  If there is a loser, you both lose.

~You learn to negotiate and do what’s best for the marriage, laying down any selfishness for the greater good of the marriage.

~You set boundaries in the marriage; you both know and agree what is allowed and what is not allowed.

~You know what it means to be committed and have pledged to work out and work on things that may cause dissension.

When it comes to marriage, the only way to make it work is to become a team player.  You must learn to work together, love together, plan together, interact together, think together, live together and play together. 

Remember: Marriage is a Team Sport and it works when you work it.

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